Ca' Foscari

Ca' Foscari University
Venice, Italy

Ca’ #oscari app gives our University an important tech possibility to make grow students’ services through social networks like Twitter. Thanks to Ca’ #oscari app the students can access different university services such as: exam registration, verification of exam dates, tax payment, teachers’ communications etc… Ca’ #oscari is a new and modern way to converse with our students and help us to develop other university services in the future. Currently students prefer using messaging tools, because they are accustomed to instant notifications and fast and easy interactions. Ca' #oscari app addresses these needs, using the innovative SlHash platform on which a tweet allows you to access the services you require instantly. Its inner simplicity, immediate and timely response constitute a model that can be replicated also from other universities in Italy and abroad.

Michele Bugliesi


Ca'Foscari App

E.g., asking for an information

Stay connect to your University and Manage your Student Career

Student   @Student - 50 m

@CaFoscari #InfoExams
exams (c11a)

Ca'Foscari   @CaFoscari - 45 m

@Student #InfoExams
These are your exams. #qrcd

Open Venezia

Open by Testolini
Mestre, Italy

We evaluated different e-solutions to increase our business and find a new meeting point with our customers. SlHash has provided all the functionalities we have needed. Web back-end of SlHash has allowed us to create and manage booking, take away and delivery services. It has been the perfect solution to raise the sales. We have could achieve new markets, customers, saving time and without adding costs.

Alessandro Bettio

E.g., booking a table for your lunch

Book your table at the restaurant, indicating the arrival time, how many of you there are and get the confirmation message

User   @User - 1 h

@OpenVenezia #OpenTable

OpenVenezia   @OpenVenezia - 55 m

@User #OpenTable
Thanks for calling. We reserved table n° 7 for you.