How to become an OWNER?

The owner manages, develops and monitors his/her business by SlHash Web UI. SlHash allows you to use the webhooks and free template services to create and extend your services.

You need:

SlHash is made for all owners that want to put their services online
and expand their business.

On SlHash it is possible to create logical organized shop services divided into online information, online booking and online selling classes with or without associated payment service. An integrated console lets you control and improve your business as well as your social network presence and reputation.

Do you have small, medium or enterprise business?

We are very open to differt kinds of businesses.
You may run a restaurant, a university, a school, a cinema or a wide fashion company and yet find SlHash very attaining to your business.
We model many diverse systems into a small set of meta-model systems that easily apply to a wide range of business.