Extend your services

Improve your business and customers’ engagement



Share moments, docs, geographic position, create single or group chats. Protect your business by secret chats.


Use the incisive social network to develop your online business through Twitter Ads and Twitter Cards.


Strengthen your brand awareness developing marketing campaigns addressed to your target.


Connect with your clients by messages, group chats, calls, video-calls, sharing files and geographic position.


Exploit the potentialities of the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Connect your service to Messenger.

E-Commerce and Payment systems


Manage digital payments, receipts, inventories, sales, reports and get valuable analytics, customers' feedback.


Create your e-shop in multiple languages and manage marketing tools, products, communications and promotions.


Run the free open source to manage multiple e-shops, orders, stocks, payments, products, shippings.


Administrate the e-payment processes securely. Allow your clients to access your e-services wherever they are.

Special Twitter integrations

Twitter ADS

Use the most concise and pregnant social network to get the ideal tools and new followers, new customers and their loyalty. Develop your online business through Twitter Ads.

SlHash + Twitter Ads

Use Twitter Ads to get more followers, client information and drive your traffic through Social Media Marketing Management. We can help you to develop your services with specific social campaigns studying your business.

Create ad campaigns and share information quickly

Use Twitter Ads to give end users the possibility to find your e-service services easily, getting good opportunities to enlarge your public going beyond geographical limits. Take care of your brand reputation so as to obtain interesting business conversations, valuable business contacts.

Twitter CARDS

Choose the most suitable cards for your goals and drive your clients' engagements through your Tweets, attach photos, videos and media experience, developing a stimulanting communication.

SlHash + Twitter Cards

Thanks to Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experience, driving traffic to your e-shop. The communication is more immersive and exhaustive.

Create an interactive communication

Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich photos, videos, creating more interactive communication with your followers and driving your traffic. Add a few lines of HTML to your web page and users who Tweet links to your content will have a "Card" added to the Tweet that's visible to all of their followers.